Our Story

Hey There! My name is Justin and I am a proud father, husband and the hands behind the tools of Royal Peak Goods!

My leather craft journey began in 2016 when I purchased a wallet from a local shop that was made by a local artisan. After using it and admiring it for a while, I noticed the brand name on the buttons - “Tandy Leather”. I googled and it and found that the store was located right down the street from my day job. One lunch hour I popped over and ended up buying a leather craft starter kit and that’s where my journey began.

I spent hours and hours watching youtube and spending time in my shop making all sorts of things just falling in love with the craft. The fine details, the tools, the community, the endless inspiration and the ability to create something beautiful with my own hands really grabbed my attention.

I love the outdoors and being active - camping, hiking, mountain biking, golf, lacrosse, snowboarding and, of course, being a “Good Canadian Boy”…hockey!

In April 2019 my wife Daniela and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Kinsley into the World. It wasn’t the start you would expect when having a baby, our little princess spent the first 376 days of her life at McMaster Children’s Hospital in the care of some of the most incredible people we have ever met. She is home now and is the strongest, bravest, most amazing little girl in the world and definitely my inspiration for everything I do.

From our time spent in the hospital we witnessed firsthand the love and amazing level of care from the staff so that is why 10% of all our sales are donated directly to McMaster Children’s Hospital.

In March of 2020 when the world paused due to COVID-19, I found myself at home a lot more which also opened the door for me to take my leather craft to the next level. That is when we came up with Royal Peak Goods. In the shop on any given day you would see me in there with my side kick and best bud Chester - my dog.

Our products are designed to be minimal, rugged, yet classy and suited for any occasion and lifestyle.

We draw inspiration from the outdoors and strive to make products for daily functionality.

I get the question a lot “Where does the name come from?” Well, we live in Guelph Ontario Canada which is nicknamed “the Royal City” and we happen to live at the highest point of the city…so we became Royal Peak Goods! My wife and I have travelled a lot and love the West coast of Canada so when designing the logo, I was inspired by our mutual love for the magnificent Rocky Mountains but most importantly, I wanted to create something that represents my family and that’s how the logo with four distinct peaks - for Daniela, Kinsley, Chester and myself - was born.

Thank you for checking out our page and brand!